Establishing the biological parents of a child born out of wedlock is important for all parties involved in order to secure visitation rights, impose child support, and gain custody rights. Both men and women may find it necessary to establish paternity in order to secure rights for themselves or their children. With over 35 years of combined experience, Pollack and Ball, can help with all of the issues involved in a paternity action which may include resolving child custody issues, protecting the best interests of the child, determining child support obligations, and arranging a visitation schedule.
Establishing paternity is not only important for the biological parents of the child, but also for the child themselves. A court order of paternity may make your child eligible for certain benefits such as medical or life insurance benefits, social security and/or veteran’s benefits.
Every case is different, but each case has the same goal:  to minimize the hassle and stress establishing paternity has on you and your child by working efficiently and effectively in resolving the specific issues involved.

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